Sunday, September 9, 2012

Organization, my biggest enemy!

Every year I say that next year I will be more organized. This year I actually created some new tools to help me. (See post on Back to School Crafting.) So far I am LOVING my "NO Name" board. I used to have the no name papers hanging up all over my chalk board, which drove me CRAZY! Now they have their own space off my chalk board.

 I have been using my Monday through Friday sorter and red desk organizer, but feel that I am not using them enough. I still find myself with several small piles on my desk throughout the day. I wonder if I need to move them to the front of my desk instead of the side so I will use them immediately. I saw a post where the teacher totally got rid of her desk and just had her stuff organized on shelves. I would LOVE to do that, but have miles to go before I could take that organizational jump!

I have also been working on my Teacher Binder. I found really cute page dividers on teachers pay teachers. However, I put so much in my binder that I keep adding more and more dividers. At some point my binder may become too organized. Is that even possible?

This week after our In Service on Oklahoma's new teacher evaluation system, I also started a Teacher Leader Effectiveness binder. I was surprised that TPT doesn't have any cute stuff on it for TLE. Maybe I'll have to find my creative side and make some to share in my overflowing amount of free time.

Wish me luck as I continue to strive for organization bliss!


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