Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer school is ending... let the back to school crafting start

I've had a very eventful summer. I spent a week in June at Mount Vernon at a teacher's institute. I learned so much and made some great contacts for my classroom. This July, I have been teaching Title I Summer School. While I have missed getting to sleep in, it's been nice to get back in the swing of things before my real year starts.

 I have two days left of summer school, which means I need to get things in gear for the year. We have many changes coming this year at school. We have a huge change in our teacher evaluations. While I don't see that I'll have any issues, I am a little nervous that we have a new evaluation, and I have a new principal who doesn't know how fabulous I am. Wink, wink. They have also completely redone our Social Studies standards as well as switched our Reading to Common Core. I see a lot of planning in my near future! However, right now I am on a Pinterest inspired Back to School organization and craft mission. I have already planned and begun several projects, which are all over my kitchen table, and I'm sure I will come up with more as I go. I'll try to post pics of the cute ones, and of course hide the ones that I don't love. With that said, time to heat up the glue gun!

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