Sunday, April 28, 2013

Motivated, motivated, down right dedicated

I know it's Sunday, but I couldn't resist to join in on the Spark Student Motivation Saturdays with Head Over Heels for Teaching Linky Party. Her warm fuzzy post is so cute and reminds me of when we used those when I was little.

My motivation tip is not as cute as hers, but has solved a huge problem for me this week. In my school we have the last fifteen minutes or so as a study hall. It drives me crazy that very few of them come into class and actually use their study hall time wisely. Well this week I got an IPad to use in my classroom. My students and I were both so excited! I wanted to give the students a chance to use it as well. Somehow it occurs to me that I can solve the study hall dilemma using the IPad as motivation!

The first time I do this I wait patiently for the students to put away their stuff from the class they just returned from and for ANY student to get busy on work. It took a good five minutes for anyone to do so. When I saw the first student working, I walked over and placed the IPad on her desk. I said loudly that since she was working so hard she could play a game. I also made sure to tell her that when the game was over to raise her hand so I could pick someone else who was working hard to play.

That did the trick! Everyone got very busy very fast. When study hall was over I made sure to point out that I would be looking for some kids to play before class tomorrow morning as well. What a super easy way to motivate and encourage them to review whatever skill I want each student to reinforce! Tip: I keep track of who has had a turn by highlighting on a class list who has gotten to play so I make sure everyone gets a chance to play.

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